Since 1957, Pedini has been a trendsetter in kitchen design and technology.

Today, Pedini is not just a leader in the modern kitchen design arena but also a pioneer in the area of eco friendly kitchen production and green kitchen products.

Since its debut, more than 50 years ago, Pedini has been at the forefront of Italian kitchen design and production. From its very first model Pedini incorporated innovative ideas such as curved surfaces and discreet work zones. Pedini also helped to create efficiencies in the production process as one of the first companies to introduce the modular kitchen system now used by most worldwide kitchen producers. Throughout its history, Pedini has consistently introduced trendsetting models such as the often copied curves of the Artika, Integra and Dune kitchens. With its ongoing research investment, Pedini is also continually improving its production techniques with an eye on quality and environmental responsibility.

Through its continual innovation and commitment to quality, Pedini has continually extended its reach and is now recognized worldwide with approx 300 showrooms in more than 25 countries.

As Pedini will not rest on its accomplishments, you can expect to find even more exciting new designs very soon in a showroom near you. To learn more about Pedini’s journey, download a copy of PEDINI: Fifty Years of Italian Design here.